Thursday 4 September 2008

Treasury Time!

My Blackpool Doorbells are in a stunning Treasury which I spotted this morning, it's full of great pictures from POE Team Members and it's called:

The White Stripes
by Ara133Photography

My golden field has appeared in a gloriously golden collection:

Fields of Gold
by Bacon Square Farm

Edit to add - This one made the Front Page!!

The Bacon Square Farm makes the most wonderful bird houses, they're great fun!

1 comment:

  1. These look great in your blog! I love the doorbells! :) It's such a cool shot! It made me think of several White Stripes songs, actually - the Doorbell song (I think it's just called doorbell?? or My Doorbell?), then on one of the live albums Jack talks about Blackpool lights in Jolene, AND it made me think of Hotel Yorba for some reason! :) I have been listening to them nonstop this week - I'm not a white stripes stalker LOL :) Plus, as I mentioned, it's just a fabulous image!!

    The golden field photo is beautiful, and looks fantastic in that treasury!! :)

    Gorgeous work!!


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