Monday 1 September 2008

Yet another little book.

I've mentioned in a couple of posts here about my attempts to make little notebooks which will make me happy, help to use up lots and lots of stuff (book covers, card, paper, magazines, off cuts from both mine and Peter's work etc...) and hopefully make me a little money along the way. Well, I've had another go at something I've been meaning to try for ages, a nice little simple ring bound scrap journal.

I cut up one of my many comic annuals which have been cluttering up my life for ages (and not selling in Inter Alia) so I have decided to not be precious about them any more and just chop them up as I need to. The front cover has made the lovely front and back covers of the little journal, I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to cut it, but it was fine with a scalpel. Holes were punched with a regular office hole punch and I had great fun sifting through my papers and bits to find a nice selection of pages. The book measures A6 which is a good size and if my papers are A4, it's nice and straightforward to resize them without too much detailed measuring (never my strong point). All bound together with some book rings and I think it's great!

Now I need to work out a price and make some more.....

Here's the front cover showing the lovely papers side on

The back cover

A fan of all the lovely pages inside - how could anyone resist?

A close up of the lovely pages

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