Tuesday, 16 September 2008


I've finished tweaking the photos from the wedding in wet Newcastle and posted the DVDs yesterday. I do hope they like them.

A friend has asked me to do some head shots for an industry magazine article of him so that will be a nice bit of experience in portraiture. There's a very limited time slot for it and they need the finished file by Friday, but we'll manage. And he's paying.....

Someone on Etsy wants me to make 500 envelopes for her base on these ones. At first this did seem rather an impossible task but have since had the bright idea of having the templates cut out by a print finisher then all I'll have to do is fold and stick. I know that would mean that they're not 100% hand made, but it will take me forever to scalpel them all and there would be many mistakes and cut fingers. This way they'll at least be perfectly square and aligned. I've bought a fantastic book to make them from. All I need now is for her to approve my price then I can get going.

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