Sunday, 23 November 2008

Back home

So I'm back from Spain and I still don't have my photos on my Mac. The re-install stalled at 2GB and then hung there for the whole week while I was away. I've texted my Geek and he has yet to reply. I think he'll be able to talk me through the re-install on the phone which is fine and then it will take a couple of days to do it's thing if it works properly. iTunes doesn't see to like me either since this happened, I've re-installed all my music but iTunes won't open as it says it's on a 'locked disc' and I don't have access. The same for all the Mac applications. CS3 creative suite doesn't work either, neither does Quark7. Lightroom is okay as I managed to get a fresh download from the Adobe site but I've no photos to use in it.

I've had enquiries about custom prints and cards which I can't fulfill as I can't get to the original images and I'm concerned how long these lovely prospective customers will wait. I don't really want to tell them that my computer has had a seizure and that I'm incapable of fixing it, it just doesn't seem very professional.

Anyway, I've sold some more Soviet Posters and relisted them at a slightly higher price and increased the quantity of posters from three to five. At least the things in my Inter Alia shop are all ready to go.

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