Thursday 6 November 2008

Water Water Everywhere.

I saw that the Treasury were getting down to the magic 333, so I started to faff around with a new Poster Sketch when I spotted that the next expiry was in three days, so I decided to take my time. Stupid really. By the time I'd finished (and it didn't take me long), the lists were up in the 600s - I'd been looking at the columns sorted the wrong way round. Oh well, next time.....

Anyway, one of my photos from Japan is in a really atmospheric watery collection:

Water is Life
by Honey Tree

Honey Tree has some beautiful pictures of her own, she's got a great eye and a lovely evocative colour palate.

And here's a great collection of pink and blue photos - there's one in both of the collections in this post - obviously a popular photograph today!

{{Click Click}}
by Felicity Crew

Felicity's from Vienna - a beautiful city with the best cakes, I think she's the only person I've seen on Etsy from Austria....I would imagine that such a gorgeous country would be bursting with photographers! She's got some really pretty beach hut images in her shop, lovely and pale and serene - I've always had a soft spot for beach huts. I'm pretty sure they don't have those in Austria...

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  1. blue is in right now huh?? the treasury my fellow team member put us in is blue... how exciting. I love treasuries, they make you feel special, especially when you feel like you are getting lost in the millions of sellers on etsy! Keep up the good work!


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