Monday 10 November 2008

Weekend and This Week

Here's a lovely Treasury with lots of gorgeously atmospheric browns, I particularly like Tiny Snowbird and Hopes.

Past Meets Present
by Mist Flower Studio

On Sunday I went to the Manchester Rememberance Day Service to see if I could get any decent snaps and I'm not quite sure if I did or not. I got there late as I was enjoying breakfast with our Cambridge friends too much and only really decided to go out at the last moment.....So I was sort of stuck at the back of the crowd and wasn't really inclined to shove my way to the front so I skulked around with my long lens shooting the backs of peoples heads until my hands started to freeze. Eventually everyone elses hands started to freeze and the crowd bagan to clear so I had a better view. I was there for about an hour and a half. I'll sort through the pictures today.

I've also been fancying having a go at Digital Pinhole photography and finally managed to buy a body cap for my D300 so that I can make my lens. Hopefully I'll get that done today and then I'll start to experiment and see if I can actually get some images!

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