Saturday, 11 April 2009

Digital Collage Squares - the way forward?

I've just realised that I didn't post an image of my latest Digital Collage Sheet which I've sold two of so far, it's the only one of the three which as sold so I thought it deserved a showing here.

I've set up a page for making a Digital Collage Sheet for scrabble pendents as they still seem popular and I've seen a shop where little pieces of painting are used just like that and they look fantastic and they are the shop owners own original work so she/he obviously has an unlimited supply of base material and they are selling like hot cakes in scrabble size and others. So I thought I'd borrow the idea as inspiration and try chopping little abstract pieces of texture from my photos. Easy but seriously time consuming and with the prospect of the resulting PDF being absolutely massive. I'll need to be in the right mood to do that, but I think that it could be quite a pleasant job really. I really like the idea of doing the work once (actually rather long and drawn out work with lots of looking through the archives, selecting, cropping, scaling and resizing) and then selling lots with no further effort.

Our attempts to get out to the local funfair were scuppered last night by the typical British Bank Holiday Weather, so we'll try again tonight. I've been wanting to take photos at night at a fair for ages and it's so close to home that it's only my sloth which has been postponing the outing. But I have it in my sights now and I'd like to give my fabulous new tripod head a nice trip too.

The wedding pictures are now up in their gallery, I struggled with the prices and the sizes to sell, I hope it's not too confusing for the folk who end up there and that they actually buy some as it took far more work than I had anticipated to get through it all. If Photobox had their act together and actually had their Reports page sorted, I'd be able to see which photos people are looking at which would be nice.

Anyway, I'm very glad that's done and all I need to do now for the happy couple is wait for their set of prints to arrive and then find a nice box in which to present the pictures to them on Wednesday, burn a disc and then my work is done!

Off to Manchester today for a potter through China Town up to the Northern Quarter for some chicken tikka at Al Faisal's and hopefully I'll get a few good urban snaps too.

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