Wednesday 1 April 2009

Spring is most definately in the air today...

It's been a beautifully sunny day here in Manchester, it was actually warm when I left the gym in my unattractively sweaty state after a hard and hilly 40 min iTread workout followed by a few free weights. I did feel virtuous and felt last night's pre-theater pizza vanish. I've had the upstairs doors open all day as I've been working - it's not quite so warm now, but it's still sort of sunny and my computer, shop and blog most defiantly have the feel of spring with all my blossom prints I've been working on today. One of them has made it into a seasonal treasury full of pretty things:

The Flowers That Bloom in the Spring
by Articulations

The print I like the most from today's work is this one which I've desaturated and split toned in Lightroom with very happy results. It's now for sale as an A4 print and as an A5 folded note card. I think I'll try this colour scheme on a few others, now I look at the print in the treasury above, it looks a little, well, strident and obvious. I like the slightly murky and painterly look to the split toned one. I wonder if it will attract any attention?

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