Saturday, 18 April 2009

Made in Manchester Group.....

I was at the third meeting of the fledgling Manchester Etsy Group this morning, we met up at the wonderful Manchester Craft Centre and had a good chat over tea and toast and marmite. We're gradually planning how to take over the crafting and handmade world in the Manchester area bit by bit. I'm going to set up a blog for us to promote various makers and to showcase our work and the work of others too, we'll have some weekly or monthly promotions, interviews, features and so on with a range of people with different interests writing the updates etc. I'll get onto that in the next few days and then we can start to showcase some of the talented makers in the area.

I took some pics of all involved at the first gathering which I didn't do anything with, so here we are, better late than never, the inaugural gathering of the Made in Manchester Group (a rahter appropriate prospective name choice).

While we were there I had an Etsy Convo about a Treasury appearance so here it is:

I'm Home
by Quercus Silver

Quercus is from Bath which is one of my favourite cities, I frequently have property fantasies about living in Regency Splendour in the Royal Crescent. She has some beautiful jewellery in her shop. I'm a great fan of resin so these lovely bangle really caught my eye:

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  1. FAB! Let's get that blog going!

    I also love Bath, we have family there so any excuse to go down for a visit!

    Have you registered the blog as I noticed the name was taken?

    Cheryl x


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