Thursday 2 April 2009

Featured on Red Bubble today!

I got my few test pics from the wedding back today, and they were all a bit darker than what I'm seeing on my screen, so I've been adjusting the brightness which will hopefully sort that problem out. Also worked my way through the church pictures which are looking good (on the screen anyway!). I've got until the 11th April to get them online and then till the 15th to present the happy couple with their full set of prints.

I've been rediscovering Red Bubble which is a really cool site for selling art, it's got a very clean and modern feel to it, much more than many sites and I've actually sold a couple of things and it's totally free to use with no monthly fees, no upload fees, no hassle of printing or posting, they charge the base rate for each item and you set your own markup. Easy. One of my spring pictures has been featured today which is great, it's currently on the second page - you can see how nice their style is from this screenshot:

Mines the second from left on middle row
My Red Bubble gallery's here

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