Saturday 7 March 2009

Weekend Treasuries

Lantern Quilt

Honey Tree's a member of the Photographer's of Etsy Team and this glorious collection is full of pictures by our members! If you're a photographer and not a member yet, you should join as it's a lovely group of talented people ane the blogs a great read too.

Chair with Orange is out and about again, still getting lots of view and hearts. Still no sales. I read a very interesting post about how one seller went against the perceived Etsy wisdom and has well over 400 sales now. One of the things which was mentioned was pricing with a .99 as against a round number. She'd been advised not to use the .99 as it was too Ebayish, so duly changed all her prices and sales dropped. She changed back to the .99 and sales picked up again. I'm considering trying this and reducing my prices to $29.99 from the $35 which means I loose £3.50 per print and possibly including the postage for a single print, but I'm not sure about that yet. I don't want to reduce my margin too much, that would rather defeat the point of selling stuff!

Molten Sugar
By ARE Jewellery

This selection is a great contrast to the one above, I do have a soft spot for these soft colour coordinated Treasuries and I love it when one of my items is combined with an eclectic range of other items. I tend to make my Treasuires of pretty much all photography but you certainly get a rich effect from being more inclusive. Perhaps I'll go this way for my next one.....

The Curator is a Jeweller from the Leicestershie, I love finding other UK based shop keepers, there are a few of us out there! Here's one of her pieces which really caught my eye, I like the idea of cuffs.....

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  1. These are beautiful treasuries...thanks for sharing. Love the cuff too!


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