Tuesday 24 March 2009

New Products, Treasuries, Sales

Things have livened up here a bit with sales of some cards, a print and queries about big prints which is all splendid!

I've also been working on some new products, first I decided to make some digital collage sheets from my own photographs. I already have some in Inter Alia from scanned papers etc but I thought that there might be interest in having some squares and ACEO sized pieces of Eyeshoot for use in collage, scrapbooking, jewellery etc. So I've done two sheets of squares so far which have had a few looks so far but no sales:

Numbers and Letters $3.50

Then I decided to carry on with the print your own idea and decided to offer print your own stationery sets which would arrive by PDF to your inbox which of course would get rid of those irritating postal costs and transatlantic waiting times. Hurrah for instant gratification! My first one is with the ever popular Ministry of Silly Walks graffiti image and it's taken me more than a whole morning to design, there was masses to do considering that I already had a perfect card template already. I had to add crop marks and instructions, consider the fact that not everyone's printer can print full bleed then I remembered that all my lovely American customers don't use A4 paper which is the standard here, so I had to remake the lot to fit on US Letter paper. Then make PDFs of them all, then photograph, make up samples, list them etc.....Now I have this set as a base, I can make different flavoured sets much quicker and the beauty of emailed products is that once an order comes through, the work's already been done and I can send the files off via email instantly. Happy bank account and happy customer. I think I'll also offer sets of cards too, the same as the ones I make and post. I have all the artwork for those already, so it shouldn't take too long to tweak and just add some instructions.

As well as all this, there are a couple of Treasury appearances too.

More and More
by Chicalessia

It's a beautiful collection of items with my Essaouira Fishing Boats being the only photograph which is unusual as there always seems to be plenty of photos in the Treasuries which choose me. I adore this fabulous handbag from Mixko who has a shop brim full of goodies

And this lovely calm green one

Relax.... Breathe....Take a Cyber Stroll
by Skoshisbits

Which as a contrast is all photography!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful treasuries...congratulations on being in both of them.


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