Thursday 19 March 2009

Two Great British Treasuries!

It's been a bit quiet on the Treasury front lately, but we seem to be back on track again today - which is nice! I've had a bit more activity on the sales too which is fantastic. A print, my first ever print sale from which is about time since I've been there for a whole year enjoying their generous free membership option. I had a load of stuff in the shop there, but soon got bored of it and just forgot about it until I had a transaction email from PayPal on Sunday which was a very pleasant surprise. I could tell it wasn't an Etsy invoice immediately but it didn't say anywhere on it where the sale was from which was a bit odd, so I checked my various online retail outlets and found it was from the now very nice looking As my free year has expired, my shop's looking a little sad with just five items which is what you get for nothing. I don't think I'll sign up for another year based on the action or lack of so far. I did a little research around the other photography shops there, and the sales are non existent and most of the shops seem to have reverted to the free five item option. Shame really. Anyway, the print is on it's way to Germany to a (hopefully) happy customer. I've also sold a batch of Soviet posters to Australia and I'm waiting for an eCheque to clear - I must buy a few postage tubes for these posters as they sell fairly well and it's a real to make big flat rigid envelopes and I'm sure that they actually weigh more than a real tube. The cheque won't clear until next week anyway, so I've a little time. Then there was an enquiry about a 'big' print from Eyeshoot, so I'll need to find out what my prospective customer wants and get cracking on that too. I really hope this is new phase.....

Anyway, back to the Treasuries. First a lovely autumny greeny outdoorsy one:

A Walk in the Woods!

Paisly's from the UK and it's always nice to be featured by a fellow Brit, I should have guessed really with the collection of mossy greens she's picked! One of my oldest and best friends lived in Boston in Lincs and I'm sorry to say that I never got around to visiting her as it's just soooo far away from Manchester!

Here's one of her fun pieces of jewellery - this is such a great idea, who want to risk loosing their sandwich and it won't go crispy around the edges in this great container!

And a great black and red collection with a fun name:

A Sunburnt Penguin

Ffflower's shop is great fun, it's full of fabulous fabric flowers (which I guess is where the name came from!), she's also from the Wirral which is just up the road from me and I'm going to be there tomorrow in Liverpool to photograph a friend in rehearsal for his one man play with songs about Paul Robeson. No doubt we'll go to the and my own favourite for taking photos, New Brighton, a nicely seedy seaside resort once famously photographed my Martin Parr. Small world really. Here's an example of her flowers:

Off to see Persepolis tonight at the the local film club run by friends with a little help from us. Looking forward very much.


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  2. They are both great but my favorite is The Sunburnt Penguin...gorgeous.

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  4. thank you for blogging the treasury :-) loving the sunburnt penguin treasury such fun!


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