Wednesday, 11 March 2009


It looks like I'm the first person to find my way to this fab Treasury. I've always had a soft spot for the seaside and beaches and try to get to them as often as possible. Our nearest bits of seaside are gloriously tacky seaside resorts which suit my photography style perfectly! My print featured here is more whimsical than my usual style, but the paw-prints were so perfect in the wet sand on a cold Anglesey autumn day that there's no way I could resist!

by Luna Love

Do have a look at the curator's shop, she's got some great beaded jewellery there. I especially like this piece as I've always had a very soft spot for turquoise which hasn't been messed around with too much!

From the Treasury I really love this ring by Higher Chakra Creation , it's a beautiful bit of beach combing combined with jewellery making skill!

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  1. Great the paw prints and the ring.


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