Monday 9 March 2009

New Paper, New Print

I've been trying out a sample pack of paper which I bought a while ago and have been ignoring up until today. It's made by Calumet and it's their Brilliant Museum range which was recommended to my by a 'real' photographer friend who uses it for his gallery shows and rates it very highly. There are four types, two gloss and two matte. The gloss ones are very un-shiny like most smooth gloss papers, both finishes have a very subtle texture which I rather like. I've used up my two sheets of the White Satin Matte and for the second one got the right effect. I had to install the custom profiles and print my usual PDFs exported out of Lightroom rather than from InDesigh as I usually do. It worked a treat and the detail was all there just as I wanted. It was a very interesting experiment. I find the calibration and ICC profile side of this business very confusing so was pleased that I managed to get what I want. The paper is 100% cotton rag of the highest quality and prints made on it in combination with my Vivera Inks, really should last forever. If I get any bites for my first print which is the poppy one below I may invest in a box....

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