Tuesday 17 March 2009

Old Stuff!

I've had a bag of fantastic old advertising labels knocking around for a while tempting me. I finally decided to list them in my rather abandoned shop Inter Alia as respite from the hundreds of wedding pictures which I'm dutifully ploughing through. It is possible to do too much of one thing however necessary!

The labels were given to Peter by a friend of his who is a great collector and has shelves and shelves of neatly boxes ephemera which I find endlessly fascinating. These ones came from various empty warehouses Manchester in the rag-trade area in the 80's just when the buildings were starting to be emptied and cleaned out to be turned in to flats, shops etc....

The labels are most interesting and feature some pretty exotic scenes many with the logo of the Spruce Company, I've no idea what this company did, the images don't really give any clues, but some do refer to fabric and many have arabic writing and exotic looking characters! I reckon they date from the '30s to the '50s.

I'm hoping to sell the originals and will also make digital sheets of them all as I think that they'll be great in scrapbooking projects and made into magnets, book covers etc too.

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