Saturday 28 February 2009

It's Saturday and we've no obligations for the whole weekend which is a rare thing in our busy lives. So we've decided to visit one of our localish art galleries and wallow in some cultural delights this morning. In Salford which is just a stone's throw from the centre of Manchester we're lucky enough to have the excellent Lowry arts centre which has many galleries and three great theatre spaces. For some reason I have yet to see a production there and really don't get to the galleries as often as I should but today we shall. There are two photography exhibitions on, one is A Long Exposure: 100 Years of Guardian Photography and another which was recommended to us by a photographer friend and I see from the website that there's also a show about pop-ups which should be great fun. Just over the river is the stunning Imperial War Museum North which was designed by Daniel Libeskind and is really impressive.

And to add to all the swirling creativity I had an email this morning telling me that I was featured in this splendid Treasury:

Follow your bliss....
by Pacific Meditation Beads

I love the combination of the turquoise and red, it's one of my favourites which you can possibly tell as there are two of my pictures here! I'm not usually a fan of photographs with added text, but how could I not love this fabulous kitty pic by Free Mind Shop?

photo $15

I'm going to lower some of my prices as an experiment, my sales have dropped right off since Xmas and as I'm getting plenty of Treasuries, heart etc I know it's not because people don't like my work so I'm wondering if the change in exchange rates has had an impact on my prospective customers shopping budgets?

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