Wednesday 25 February 2009

Wow, twice in one evening!

The other day it was all Path Through Moss, today it's Ministry of Silly Walks with another Treasury showing, it's the print this time.

woo hoo fab!
by Krystyna81

Krystyna's one talented artist, her shop is fantastic. I'm a great fan of original art, with a big collection of paintings at home of all types but for some reason I don't really look at 'serious' art on Etsy *ducks to avoid sharp objects being hurled across continents in my general direction*, I've never really thought about it, but I suppose I'm always looking at other photographers and never browse the painting and drawing sections. I should really, there's such a lot of great work out there just waiting to be discovered. I love this piece from her shop, it really appeals to me - I love mixed media, I think it's that the variety of textures, levels and finishes really hold my interest - it's also great to see an artist putting decent prices on their work, there's really not enough of that on Etsy.

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