Wednesday 25 February 2009

Silly Walks, White Lions and Tasty Earrings.

There's a really great stream of Treasuries at the moment and the old favourite Ministry of Silly Walks is in this one. It's seriously ecclectic and full of fun things.

by Huismus

I adore these beads - I have no idea what I'd do with them as I've never been inclined to make jewellery and tend to avoid things involving needles and thread (early childhood mental and fashion scarring in Sewing Classes put me off for life) but they are gorgeous. I used to spend some of my pocket money at the Bead and Button Shop in Convent Garden a million years ago purely for the pleasure of rummaging around in the little treasure chests lined up on the shelves. I'd add them to my button jar and periodically take them out and just look.

Chunky Large Hole Wooden Beads by The Royal Bead Treasure

And the biscuit earrings are just so sweet - not to mention the rest of Misty Aurora's shop, the earring are positively edible.

Yummy Cookie Hearts Stud Earrings by Misty Aurora

And I'm totally awestruck by the lion - how on earth was this captured?

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