Wednesday 25 February 2009

Many shades of blue.

Here's a really pretty blue Treasury featuring my Brown on Blue print, I think that it fits in rather well.

Bluesy Mix, Chance of Peacock
by Isette

Isette has some great jewellery in her shop, it's bold and simple which I really like and I think that this ampersand necklace is just my sort of thing as I'm a bit of a typography fan:

The Treasury has really nice mixture of items and I think that this pretty purse by La Vita Lola is my favourite item, it's not my usual taste, but it just appeals with it's jolly colours and dramatic print.

Blue and Yellow Peacock clutch - lined in gold silk $55

I went to the church and hotel where I'm shooting a wedding in a couple of weeks to do a recce yesterday, the church was closed, but I managed to get into the suite at the hotel and I think it should be okay. It's nicely decorated with a spacious light bar area and a lovely private garden with some steps which might do for the group pictures - there's only about 30 guests so not too many to herd around. The dining room's a little gloomy and they're not sitting down to eat until 6.30pm so I'm a little concerned about the light levels. I'll definitely need a tripod. But then they don't really want many pictures of the dining room and don't want me to shoot the meal or speeches, so fingers crossed that it will be a nice sunny day and a bright evening for long enough for me to get the place settings, cake etc....

I'm going back to the church today in a little bit with all my lenses to have a bit of a practice shoot.

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  1. I love how you've posted the treasuries in your blog - it's a nice way to immortalize the fleeting nature of the treasury :) And they are just darned pretty. Thank you!


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