Saturday, 14 February 2009

Travel With Me

Travel with Me
By Ada Rosman

My Blue Door in Blue Wall print has turned up yet again in a Treasury, it must have something in the tags which makes it pop up so often in curator's searches. Which is fine by me. There are some lovely travel photographs here, and I'm particularly fond of this lovely turbaned gent by Sarka Trager - the colour is just wonderful and he's such a interesting face. The colours of India really intrigue me, I've never been but perhaps one day I'll get there when I feel that I can fact the heat.....

Red Turban by SarkaTrager

I was supposed to be going on a Mediterranean cruise in the early summer where we were to spend two days in Venice. I am now no longer going and will sorely miss the opportunity to take some classic Venetian photographs, so I shall satisfy myself with this one in the meantime!

Venetian Pigeonsby lightofsomekind

Anyway, this is a great collection by Ada Rosman who has a shop full of jewellery of which this is my favourite and is definitely worth a look.


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  2. What a wonderful blog. I really enjoy your work!!! Thank you for including my Baltic Amber rings in this post!


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