Tuesday 3 February 2009

No snow, Soviet posters, gorgeous Treasury

The Big Snow Event was fun yesterday, I went to the Cemetery to take some snaps. The pictures were terrible but I had a lovely walk on soft virgin snow. Very pretty.

Today it's all gone and it's nice and sunny and you'd never know from my windows that the country was at a standstill yesterday.

I've sold two lots of Soviet Posters in the last couple of hours which is nice but they are a bugger to post as I don't want to go out to buy tubes as they're a rip off, so I think I'll make nice sturdy flat parcels with my various offcuts which are at home. Recycling is the thing after all.

Anyway, the good old Ministry of Silly Walks print is in a really wonderul Treasury this morning, very different from the ones we see most of the time. There's a real 'fine art' look to the selections and the overall appearance is very rich and full of skillfully put together colours.

Luminous Beautiful
by Doom Gloom Boom

Doom Gloom Boom has some very interesting and creative assemblage/collage/print pieces in his shop, it's really quite different from what I've seen a lot of on Etsy. These pieces really stand out for me:

Love Jazz, man. print LIMITED 1 of 5

ORIGINAL Boy and Girl n' Fantastical Adventuring

There are some great pieces in the Treasury and I'm really going to enjoy visiting lots of new shops.


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