Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Delicious and Easy.

It was miso soup for my lunch today. There's always a jar of thick brown savory Miso paste lurking in the fridge. It can be forgotten about for months on end, but it's quite happy sitting there being ignored. Today was most definitely a Miso day. Peter had gone out and I didn't want any more bread, it was cold and I was hungry. So the Miso called.

Here's what I did:
Put cold water in saucepan.
Add liberal sprinkling of dashi stock.
Add handful of thin soba noodles.
Add sliced garlic and ginger.
Simmer until noodles are almost cooked - they always take longer than I expect.
Meanwhile - chop any veg you fancy, I had a couple of carrots and a few sugar snaps.
Chop some coriander.
Add vegetables to stock.
When veg are as you like them, put a spoon of Miso paste into a cup, bowl or whatever you're going to eat from and add a ladle of the stock.
Mash until mixed and pour back into the saucepan.
Turn off the heat and leave for a minute.
Decant into suitable bowl, find your chopsticks and long Japanese spoon.
Slurp and enjoy!

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