Tuesday 19 May 2009

Sourdough - Round Two Part Two

This morning's starter has revived nicely, but nowhere near doubling in size, so it's had a feed along these proportions tonight:

2:1:1 ratio of starter:flour:water

It's less than I had this morning which is good as I don't like chucking all that lovely organic rye flour away!

I've just got back from collecting Peter from the station and find that I didn't publish this post and since then (about 8pm I think) this is what I've got:

Some serious bubbles and growth. I think that I'll be able to start the final build up to baking tomorrow. I'm a bit confused bout the timings as the recipe I wanted to follow is asking me to make a 'sponge' tonight, but I've already fed it once and I can't decide if the 8.00 feeding will last to when I get back from the gym at about 11am tomorrow. If I do that, the shaping and proving process will take up to seven hours so I won't be baking until late. Hmmm, what to do?

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