Wednesday 20 May 2009

New banner, old favourite

What a day.....

I've resurrected an old favourite image which really isn't very appropriate for summer time at all, mind you, with the weather we've been having here lately, it's not exactly inappropriate either!

I've also made myself a new banner for my Etsy shop and my blog - look up! I really like it, I'd been fancying a change for a while now and I like having one continuous image rather than the three separate ones, I've also added it to the bottom of my emails along with links to my website, this blog, Etsy and iCraft. I've not made a new avatar yet, they're much more of a fiddle being so small.

I had a good run at the gym this morning, I'm trying to get back up to speed (I use the term advisedly) as I've let it slip lately and I'd like to get back to it during the 'summer'.

We've friends coming for supper tonight, nothing grand and Peter's cooking for some reason, so I'm off the hook from the pots and pans but I do have the first stage of tomorrow's sourdough to do before I go off to bed.

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