Sunday 3 May 2009

I've got bubbles!

Sourdough Starter Day 3

Feeding was about an hour later than scheduled this afternoon as we were having far too much fun out in Manchester to rush home. But there's no danger or spoiling anything at the rate that things are progressing!

When I opened the lid I was very pleased to see a good amount of bubbles and slightly less thrilled by the somewhat strange aroma rising from my rye starter. I can't even start to describe the smell, but I think it's doing the right thing!

Day three's activity!

Day 3

25g Wholemeal (dark) rye flour
50g Water at 40 degrees C
150g Starter from Day 2
225g Total

Stir in the fresh flour and water into the old starter which may show some signs of frothing. If there is a layer of greyish liquid on top, don't worry, just stir it back in with the fresh ingredients.

Progress so far
Day 1
Day 2

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