Friday 22 May 2009

Rushing Water, and not from the sky for a change.

I’ve always had a go at the favourite photographer’s trick of capturing smooth flowing water and never quite managed it.  I don’t actually come across such a set up very often being more of a city girl than one who frequents country rambles and hikes.  I also very rarely have my tripod with me as it’s a clunky heavy old thing – and even heavier now it’s got my super-dooper Manfrotto head attached.  Needless to say, I didn’t have it with me when Peter, mum and I went for our foray into the Derbyshire Dales last weekend.  We went for a very nice (if damp) walk from Dovedale to Milldale along the very pretty River Dove, it’s a nice easy walk of about 3 miles.  At the point where I took this picture it wasn’t raining and I managed to sit firm on a rock and hold my came nice and steady at about f22 which was quite a slow exposure as it was fairly gloomy.  From this point it started to rain and didn’t stop…..we were feeble enough to get a taxi back to our hotel from Milldale as my boot was starting to rub and mum’s ‘waterproof’ jacket proved not to be and we wanted to have time for a bit of a relax and a hot bath before supper.  After sheltering in a National Trust barn for about 90 minutes drinking tea in polystyrene cups and watching the ducks frolicking in the rain, we were rescued by a rather amused chap with a mini-van.  We then enjoyed the surprisingly long drive back to the hotel through stunning scenery in the post-rain sunshine.  We all survived and I’ve a few decent photos to show for it.  And my blister never actually developed!

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