Wednesday 6 May 2009

New card designs.

I've been thinking about getting some cards printed properly.

Much as I love my home made cards, I do think that photographic note-cards look better on a lovely glossy card stock. I tried to find some to use at home which was glossy on one side with nice quality bright white smooth finish on the reverse so that people can write easily with any type of pen. I failed in this quest and settled for the super white, super smooth matte paper which I've been very happy with. But I still want the shiny! So I've been thinking about which cards I could use for my first experiment and I think that the florals would be the most universally popular - much as I like the graffiti cards, your average grandmother isn't going to buy those but she'll hopefully go for the pretty. To make the set up to six, I've added two new designs, I already had the begonia image in stock and I shot the freesia one when I got back from the gym this morning. Here are the new layouts - I've printed a test on my normal paper and they look very nice and clean.

Hopefully I'll be able to tag some layouts onto the end of a batch print run and get them done for very little money. I don't need many, just a few sets and then I'll have to pluck up my courage to tout them around the fairly abundant craft/arty farty/gift shops in the area.

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